R2B - Research Valorization

Apr 5, 2019


R2B - Research Valorization

From the year 2010, the URV Foundation is the Research Valorization Unit of the URV (UV-URV). The UV-URV is part of the Network of Technological Valorization Units of ACCIÓ.

The valorization increases the quality and value of the technologies and the results of the research groups of the URV in order to increase the number of patents, licensing of technologies or collaborations in R&D and, when possible, their exploitation by means of the creation of a Spin-off.

The UV-URV is responsible for managing the transfer of technologies of the URV in the market, the Industrial and Intellectual Property, the collaborative grants for R&D and the creation of technology-based companies.

Research Valorization Website

R2B - StratApp

As part of the Erasmus +, KA2: Strategic Partnership: “Gamifying Academic English Skills in Higher Education: Reading Academic English App” (2016-1-ES01-KA203-025164), the R2B StratApp objective is to initiate the pilot phase of the application at an international level and promote its dissemination.

Members of the project

The associate professor of the URV, Mar Gutiérrez-Colón Plana, leads the group of researchers from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili responsible for carrying out this phase of the project. The members of this team are Mar Gutiérrez-Colon, Ester Torres, Mercè Gisbert, Mireia Usart and Guillem Robert.

You can find more information about R2B - StratApp at Prezi (Presentation and transcription in Catalan)