General Skills and Strategies

Feb 15, 2018

General skills/strategies

‘Strategies represent conscious decisions taken by the reader, skills are deployed unconsciously’ (Urquhart & Weir 1988: 97).


Look quickly through a text to locate specific symbol o group of symbols (word, phrase, name, figure, date). Focus on local comprehension; most text will be ignored. Rapid rate of reading; no sequencing necessary.

Operations à looking for/matching:

·         Specific words/phrase

·         Figures/percentages

·         Dates of particular events

·         Specific items in an index/inventory


Skimming à reading for gist. What is this text about? Selective reading, building of macrostructure; little detail.


·         Establishing general sense of the text

·         Quickly establishing macro propositional structure as an outline summary

·         Establishing relevance of text to needs


·         Identifying source

·         Reading titles & subtitles

·         Reading abstract carefully

·         Reading introductory and concluding paragraphs carefully

·         Reading 1st & last sentence of each paragraph carefully

·         Identifying discourse markers

·         Noting repeated key content words

·         Identifying markers of importance

·         Skipping clusters of detail


·         Glancing any non-verbal info