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University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour

The University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) is a multidisciplinary university which covers three major areas of study:

  • law, economics, business, management
  • science and technology
  • literature, languages, arts, social sciences and humanities and sport

UPPA offers its students initial or continuing education, work/study programmes or apprenticeships, to obtain Bachelor’s, Master’s and vocational degrees and Doctorates through its 5 UFRs (Teaching and Research units) and two Doctoral schools. The teaching teams at UPPA prepare our 11,500 students to complete their course, but they are also attentive to the needs of students and are always available, and committed to our quality process.   Careers guidance and professional advice are also at the heart of each study programme: student professional project, meetings with former students, job fairs, help with finding internships and jobs. For the second year running, the Ministry has ranked UPPA 12th nationally (out of 80 universities) for student support and success in their degree courses, and 18th for their masters.

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ALTER (Arts/Langages: Transition & Relations, EA 7504)


The ALTER EA 7504 team (Arts / Languages: Transitions & Relations) was born from the grouping of three Reception Teams from the Letters, Languages ​​and Arts sector:

  • CICADA (Inter-Critical Center for Arts and Speeches on the Arts EA1922)
  • The CRPHLL (Research Center in Poetics, Literary History and Linguistics EA3003)
  • The LLCAA (Languages, Literatures and Civilizations of the Atlantic Arc EA1925)

Its scientific scope covers that of these three teams. It concerns languages, literatures, arts and civilizations, mainly but not exclusively for the English, French and Spanish speaking areas.

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Christine Copy

Christine Copy

Christine Copy is a faculty member at the English department of UPPA and is an experienced teacher with a solid background in linguistics. During her 25 years’ experience in teaching EFL as well as FFL at a wide range of levels, from primary school pupils to university students, Christine Copy has developed various teaching material in order to improve students’ performance. She has been a tenured associate professor in English linguistics and applied linguistics at the UPPA since 2009, where she has taught numerous courses in linguistics, second language acquisition and translation. She has also supervised master’s dissertations in applied linguistics (translation and variation studies) and is currently involved in the training of would-be English teachers. Her research focuses on the relationship between linguistics markers and textual genre, especially written genres, and she has recently started to focus on how to include the genre parameter into language teaching practice. Her contribution to the project focuses mainly on textual analysis and genre description of the texts that will be used to create activities later to be included into the app (OUTPUT 01) as well as the design of these activities (OUTPUT 02).

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