Solidarity and Cooperation

Apr 5, 2019


URV Solidària

As a university, the "URV Solidària" Development Cooperation Center has personnel, knowledge and equipment especially suited to carry out actions related to the cooperation development related to training or research such as projects, courses or awareness events.

StratApp and Kiswahili

Kiswahili is the vehicular language in the schools of Kenya. Nevertheless, many of the students speak other aboriginal languages at home, and Kiswahili is no their first language. This fact implies that many students have reading comprehension difficulties, and this fact slows down their learning process.

The aim of this project is to use the StratApp to enhance their reading comprehension. StratApp is a mobile application that can be filled with any type of text. The teachers participating in this project will have to look for texts, create the activities and upload them in the app. Once this is done, the game can start being used. 

The students will receive a tablet with the app and they will have to play with it until they pass all the levels: we hope that the students will benefit by using a new methodology; as well as improving their reading comprehension.

During the action, the teachers/researchers participants will conduct a simple research to check if the app has been useful for the improvement of their reading skills and if there is a need of any type of adjustment. Once this action is completed, the tablets and the app with the activities will be ready to be used by other students of the school, and even downloaded by other students in other schools. In fact, anybody who wants to improve their reading comprehension in Kiswahili will be able to download it.

Members of the project

The associate professor of the URV, Mar Gutiérrez-Colón Plana, leads the group of researchers from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili responsible for carrying out the organization of this project. The members of URV research team are Mar Gutiérrez-Colon, Ester Torres and Vanessa Esteve. And Alicia Ndegwa from Laureate School (Kenya).

You can find mor einformation about the Improvement of reading comprehension in Kiswahili in a Nairobi school project at the L@te website